Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stay Away from Chantix

Just a quick little thought here about Chantix...

I had another client yesterday who wants to stop smoking, and as we were discussing other methods that are available out there, she mentioned that a relative of hers has been taking Chantix for about three months. She talked about how he has become so short-tempered... you can't even say "hello" to him without him becoming extremely defensive or agitated... and that he has just become a horrible presence to be around.

I informed her of all the data that's come out over the past couple years - about how the FAA has banned pilots from using Chantix due to cases where users have blacked out while driving automobiles and caused accidents... about the reported cases of violent behavior and suicide... and even about how trusted doctors and medical professionals compromise their integrity by accepting thousands of dollars from Pfizer (the Big Pharma giant that produces Chantix) to promote its drugs - in spite of the known dangers.

But best of all, after the session, I asked her the same question I ask all my stop smoking clients before they leave: "Would you like a cigarette?"

The expression on her face and her tone of voice in saying "No" was about the same as if I'd asked her if she'd like to jump off a skyscraper... just complete bewilderment that I'd even ask!

She's going to do extremely well, and in a couple weeks when she comes back in for her follow-up session, I'll do an interview with her (like those in yesterday's blog post) and share her own words with you.

You don't have to use dangerous drugs like Chantix to quit using cigarettes. It's just not necessary!

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