Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FREE Hypnosis Event on Jan 3rd - Start the New Year Off Right!

Jan 4th is the 6th Annual World Hypnotism Day, and this year I'm celebrating by hosting a FREE event in the Atlanta area... on January 3rd. Yeah, I know, I know... but I figured more people would be able to make it on a Sunday than a Monday, and what better way to start off 2010 than with a healthy dose of relaxation and positive focus.

So, whatever your desire - whether to stop smoking, lose some weight, make more money, reduce stress or just get happier - RSVP at the link below and I'll see you there!

What: FREE Hypnosis Seminar
Where: Hyatt Regency on Windy Hill Rd
When: Jan. 3rd, 2010
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sean Wheeler on Q-100's The Bert Show

Check out this clip from my appearance on The Bert Show... one of the most popular morning radio shows in Atlanta - on Q-100 (99.7FM). Thursday, November 19th was the 34th Annual Great American Smokeout... and they wanted me to hypnotize morning show personality Jenn Hobby to stop smoking. Good info & laughs included...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Interview with Dr. Wesley Anderson of Trance-Formations - Part 1: Misconceptions

I've just done a series of podcasts with my good friend and fellow hypnotherapist - Dr. Wesley Anderson of Trance-Formations. In this first installment, we discuss some of the common misconceptions about hypnosis, and share some of our own experiences.

There will be at least three more installments from this interview, so be sure to check back here soon for updates.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Client Feedback: First Week After Hypnosis

Just got this email from a client I saw this week. As always, I received her permission before posting it here. This gives a good example of what you can expect during the first few days:

"I just wanted to give you an update, its been 96 hours and NO SMOKING!!!!!! I am so happy, I'm not going to say that I have not thought about smoking, but that's just it. When the thought comes into my mind, it goes out just as fast. I have had NO withdraws or thoughts of giving in. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.... YOU are Awesome!"
-Amy Whisnant

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stay Away from Chantix

Just a quick little thought here about Chantix...

I had another client yesterday who wants to stop smoking, and as we were discussing other methods that are available out there, she mentioned that a relative of hers has been taking Chantix for about three months. She talked about how he has become so short-tempered... you can't even say "hello" to him without him becoming extremely defensive or agitated... and that he has just become a horrible presence to be around.

I informed her of all the data that's come out over the past couple years - about how the FAA has banned pilots from using Chantix due to cases where users have blacked out while driving automobiles and caused accidents... about the reported cases of violent behavior and suicide... and even about how trusted doctors and medical professionals compromise their integrity by accepting thousands of dollars from Pfizer (the Big Pharma giant that produces Chantix) to promote its drugs - in spite of the known dangers.

But best of all, after the session, I asked her the same question I ask all my stop smoking clients before they leave: "Would you like a cigarette?"

The expression on her face and her tone of voice in saying "No" was about the same as if I'd asked her if she'd like to jump off a skyscraper... just complete bewilderment that I'd even ask!

She's going to do extremely well, and in a couple weeks when she comes back in for her follow-up session, I'll do an interview with her (like those in yesterday's blog post) and share her own words with you.

You don't have to use dangerous drugs like Chantix to quit using cigarettes. It's just not necessary!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

B98.5 Interview - Listen Now

Here is the interview I did with Suzi Marsh, host of "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life" on B98.5 in Atlanta. It's divided into 5 parts, due to YouTube's limit of 10 minutes per video.

It covers a wide array of topics, from smoking cessation, weight loss, fears & phobias... to comedy stage hypnosis, stories about clients I've worked with, my background and training, and a whole lot more.

Suzi had me on air for the entire hour, so I got to gab quite a bit.

Listen and enjoy-


Saturday, April 4, 2009

B98.5 Interview Airs Sunday 4/5 at 6:50am

Be sure to tune in to B98.5 FM in Atlanta tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 6:50am to hear me discuss all things hypnosis (including smoking cessation) with host Suzi Marsh (picture, below). The program is called "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life," and I'll be appearing on air for a full hour.

Here's the link where you can listen live online: http://b985.com/

In case you miss it, I'll be recording the entire interview and posting it here on this blog via YouTube shortly after it airs.

Hope you can catch it. It came out great, and includes some highlights of my work with clients over the past six years.

New Video: Introduction to Pure Hypnosis

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Georgia Smokers to Shell Out an Extra 62 Cents Per Pack Starting Today

It's no April Fool's joke.

Starting today, Georgia smokers will have to pay an extra 62 cents per pack of cigarettes. That works out to an extra $6.20 per carton, or more than $200/year for the average smoker.

This is thanks to a new federal tax, which you can learn more about here: http://is.gd/q7EQ

So... it may be just the right time to think about quitting after all, huh?

Monday, March 30, 2009

B98.5 Radio Interview To Air Sunday, April 5th

I had a great time this morning recording an interview with Suzi Marsh (http://suzi-marsh.com/) for B98.5 FM. It runs a full hour, and will air in Atlanta this coming Sunday, April 5th at 7:00am.

This is great for you Early Birds, but for everyone else, worry not... I'll be recording the show and making it available online shortly thereafter.

Topics discussed include comedy hypnosis shows, fears & phobias, regression therapy, smoking cessation, weight gain, food cravings and much more.

You can listen online here: http://b985.com/

Friday, March 27, 2009

Success Story: Stop Smoking Seminar on Jan 4th, 2009

Just received more feedback from someone who attended my free Stop Smoking seminar on World Hypnotism Day. It's been almost 3 months now... and it appears that Andrew is doing quite well. Smoke-free and not looking back...

Here's his email (printed with permission):

Hey Sean,

Just a quick update from me. I am still smoke free from our first and only session on World Hypnotism Day on January 4, 2009 (about 12 weeks later!). Seriously, you have changed my life more than I can explain and I don’t even think about cigarettes in my life.

I have friends who are now using my story as inspiration and I have been telling them about how fantastic it feels and how simple it can be. Also, my friend [name withheld] has been working with you and I know she is enjoying her time and feels like your sessions are very beneficial. I have a few other folks who I have referred to you for smoking so I hope they can find the success that I have found.

Thank you again.

Andrew Rader

Monday, March 23, 2009

Client: "I completely forgot about smoking"

Last week a client of mine (and 35-year, every day smoker) was kind enough to do a brief interview with me about her experience since using my Stop Smoking Hypnosis program a little more than four months ago. I have to admit, her feedback was impressive... even to me!

I'll have a full audio interview with her posted this week, but in the meantime, here are a few of her very own words in print:

"I was a die-hard smoker. I never really thought I could quit.

I was hoping and praying that this would work. I just didn't know how easy and effortless it was going to be... just completely effortless.

I kept thinking 'I'm forgetting something... I don't know what I'm forgetting, but I'm forgetting something.'

I didn't even think about smoking. It didn't even enter my mind. Within a week or so, I truly forgot about smoking. It was just amazing. It was a miracle.

It's been four months and I know I'm never going to smoke again. I don't even think about smoking... it's the last thing on my mind. It's just not a part of my life anymore."

Jan Madajewski
Flowery Branch, GA

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Success Story from WHD Stop Smoking Seminar

Here is some feedback from someone who attended my Stop Smoking Hypnosis Seminar on World Hypnotism Day - January 4th, 2009.

"Hi Sean! I wanted to give you a update on my experiences since your seminar. First and foremost I am smoke-FREE! I have been since the group seminar, and I've gone through some really challenging times in the last two months. I had tried every method to quit before, and with your help I have kicked this thing once and for all!

Thanks for all you do, it has really worked for me!"

Kristin Zimmermann
Atlanta, GA

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Cold Hard Truth: Smoking is a Choice

I saw this story today from the Associated Press:

Later in the article, it states the following:

In closing arguments, Hess attorneys Gary Paige and Alex Alvarez said Stuart Hess tried for 40 years to quit his heavy smoking, even trying hypnosis. But they said the powerful nicotine forced Hess to continue smoking even as he underwent chemotherapy before he died in 1997 at age 55.

"People smoke because they're addicted, not because they choose to," Paige said. "Nobody wants to be addicted to cigarettes. It's as addictive as cocaine and heroin."

This is beyond ridiculous.

Before I begin to explain why it's ridiculous, please understand that to disagree with the conclusions of a jury and the attorneys quoted above is not to be void of compassion for the deceased. On the contrary, I feel that subscribing to the above beliefs (and that's what they are - beliefs) would be an insult to the millions of smokers and non-smokers in the world who have struggled with the habit or are seeking to quit. Why? Because if you believe the jurors and attorneys, smokers don't have a choice - they are "forced" to smoke... as in "the powerful nicotine forced Hess to continue smoking" until his death.

Now, I wasn't there at the trial, so I don't know what evidence was presented that allowed jurors to conclude that Mr. Hess never willingly purchased, lit or smoked cigarettes of his own free will, and that, in fact, the nicotine was fully responsible for his habit.

However, having worked with many, many smokers in my hypnotherapy practice, I can say with the utmost confidence and sincerity that people smoke because they choose to.

If you don't believe me, use your imagination for a moment. Let's play "what if" and see what we come up with...

What if Mr. Hess had been denied access to cigarettes completely? That's right... he would have suffered for a while, before the poison was completely removed from his system and the habit was broken. Then, he would have felt better.

How can I be so sure of this? Well, what else would have happened?

If smoking were as addictive as cocaine or heroin (and there is evidence that cocaine is not as addictive as it is commonly believed to be), why do 99% of the smokers I meet admit that they often sleep 6-8 hours at night without so much as a single "craving?" Why are they able to get on an airplane and fly overseas without smoking for 10-15 hours, without going into convulsions? Heroin addicts can't do this. Smokers can.

"People smoke because they're addicted, not because they choose to," Paige said.

Let's re-work that statement and make it true:

People smoke because they choose to, not because they're addicted.

Of course, if that were the case, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Paige would receive as big of a payday.

This isn't a question of right or wrong on the part of Big Tobacco (note that this Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist is actually siding with Philip Morris on this one). Everyone knows they're deceptive and irresponsible. It's a question of personal power and responsibility.

The moment we accept that "the powerful nicotine forced Hess to continue smoking" is the moment that we surrender all belief in free will and personal responsibility. The next logical conclusion is that we are powerless to change our situation in life, and that forces outside of our control must change things for us.

That is not the world we live in, and it's certainly not the world that I (or anyone) would like to live in.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chantix Suicide: "Something Demanded I Do It"

Three Rivers, MI: When Melinda F. started reading other people's stories about Chantix side effects, she started to cry. That was because she had not realized that her use of Chantix may have caused her suicide attempt in November, 2007. Melinda says that she had never
experienced anything like the depression she went through while taking Chantix.

"I started [Chantix] in mid-August of 2007 and I quit smoking in September or October," Melinda says. "It was probably about 30 days in and I started to get this thought in my head. It was the exact same thought every night, almost as if something was ordering me to go into the kitchen, get a knife and cut my wrists. Every night it was the same thing: it told me what I had to do and how to do it.

"I went to a psychiatrist and was put on Wellbutrin. A week later I cut my wrists and I never related the incident back to the Chantix. Then, I saw a commercial about Chantix and suicidal thoughts. I got goosebumps; I was almost in tears reading other people's stories.

"I was never told about the side effects; if I knew, I wouldn't have taken the Chantix. It was like I wouldn't be happy until I cut my wrists, it was like something was demanding me to do it. But a couple of days after stopping the medication, I never had that thought again. Now, I'm scared of taking any medications because the side effects scare me to death. I don't like taking anything.

Click here for the full story.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FREE Stop Smoking Event on Feb 28th

That's right... I'm hosting a follow-up event to the free stop smoking hypnosis seminar on January 4th. This time it's a smaller gathering - limited to 10 people - that will take place at my home office in Marietta.

Here are the details:

What: FREE Stop Smoking Hypnosis Event
Where: Pure Hypnosis, LLC
When: Feb 28th, 2009
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Register: Stop Smoking Solution Meetup Group

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hypnosis CD's: The Value of Reinforcement

This clip is from a my stop smoking hypnosis seminar on World Hypnotism Day. Here, I talk about why it's important to practice self-hypnosis (via the use of cd's) on a daily basis in order to enjoy the highest degree of success.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stage Hypnosis Secrets Revealed... or, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hypnosis"

It's time to put to rest all those worries about losing control while hypnotized. Check out the podcast below where I talk in detail about how stage hypnosis works and why you don't have to worry about clucking like a chicken if you're there to stop smoking.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barack Obama Doesn't Want to Quit Smoking

Look, as a therapist who helps people to quit smoking for a living, I am a compassionate guy. The headline above isn't intended to be a knock on the new President, it's a statement of fact based on my experience.

The reason I say he doesn't want to quit is this: here is a man who has demonstrated a degree of determination that is virtually unparalleled. To become President of the United States, you really have to want it... and that's an understatement.

When it comes to quitting smoking, or changing any habit or behavior, determination is the number one prerequisite for success. When I think of a man like Barack Obama, who has made so many sacrifices in order to achieve what he's achieved, I believe that when it comes down to it, he can do anything he truly wants to do.

About three years ago, my best friend quit smoking after 15+ years - cold turkey. He did it because he refused to smoke around his newborn son. He made a decision to quit, and he instinctively knew that nothing could ever make him smoke again against his will. He admits that at times he has missed smoking, and has really desired a cigarette, but he would never give in to the desire because he knows the consequences.

So when you read all the articles in the news about how Obama is going to "try" to quit... or he's "struggling" with his "addiction," keep in mind that no one is forcing him to smoke, that thousands of people quit every year - for their children, their families, themselves - and that any honest smoker must admit the problem isn't that they can't quit... it's that they haven't yet harnessed the right motivation.

If you can't see clearly the benefits of quitting... or the consequences of continuing to smoke... then you won't really want to quit.

Therefore, if Barack Obama truly wants to quit, then...

Yes, he can.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hypnosis FAQ: "Will I Lose Awareness While Hypnotized?"

This video is taken from my stop smoking hypnosis seminar on World Hypnotism Day - January 4th, 2009. Here, I talk briefly about the state of hypnosis and what it's like... and how you remain aware of what is happening throughout the process.

Check out the New Website!

For the first time in nearly six years, the Pure Hypnosis Website has received a complete makeover. The new features include a newsletter, YouTube videos and social networking links (Facebook, Twitter).

Check it out by clicking the image below!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Promoting Chantix is a High-Paying Gig

This is from today's article at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

It really should set off warning sirens when you see a pharmaceutical company like Pfizer paying $1000/day to psychiatrists to talk about Chantix. If the drug is so wonderful and safe, shouldn't an honest psychiatrist be willing to speak about it for free? Of course, his time is valuable... but if he genuinely cares about people and believes in this drug, why would it cost Pfizer so much to get him to speak?

As a comparison, I gave a talk about the benefits of using hypnosis for smoking cessation last Sunday, and guess how much I was paid? Well, since it was a completely free event, I was paid nothing. Of course, I'm not completely innocent... I did make a bit of money selling hypnosis CD's afterwards. However, I also provided hypnosis services during the presentation, and I know for a fact that some people in attendance haven't had a puff all week.

So here's the story... just another example of a big drug company paying a reputable psychiatrist to push its latest wonder drug. It's really only notable because of the fact that since he gave the speeches, Chantix has emerged as the most dangerous new pharmaceutical drug on the market.

Just see this direct quote from the article:

"Chantix has been associated with depression, suicidal thoughts, blackouts and serious injuries."

Eric Heiligenstein, the University of Wisconsin-Madison psychiatrist who received large sums of cash to speak about the benefits of this dangerous drug, says he "doesn't have second thoughts" because... get this... another stop smoking drug also has serious risks.

Uh, Your Honor? I object.

Mr. Heiligenstein seems to be saying that it's okay to promote a drug that causes people to kill themselves because other drugs on the market also cause harm. I suppose that means it's always okay to promote any drug, even if it causes people to immediately jump off of tall buildings, simply due to the fact that other dangerous drugs have also been approved by the FDA.

Remember, these are the people who are telling you that pharmaceutical drugs are safe. Keep that in mind when making a choice regarding your mental and physical well-being.

Keep in mind that no hypnotist or hypnotherapist is getting paid $1000/day to speak out about the benefits of hypnosis. Yes, we might make a decent living by helping people to stop smoking and lose weight, but there is no multi-billion-dollar establishment paying us to push our wares.

Click here for the full article from the Journal-Sentinel.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Curious Case of How Brad Pitt Quit

No, he didn't use hypnosis. Surprised I'm mentioning it?

This caught my attention because the video clip in my previous blog post talks about this exact same thing: MOTIVATION. My best friend quit for the very same reason. Brad Pitt quit smoking because he had a compelling reason and he made a decision.

That's it. It can be that simple for you, too. You just need to have a reason.

Check out the story below:


BRAD PITT has thanked his kids for helping him achieve a long overdue New Year's resolution to stop smoking.

The movie hunk has been nicotine free for months and he credits his growing family for helping him ditch his bad habit.

He tells W magazine, "I quit smoking. That (kids) was the only thing that got me to quit. That was it. Done."

Click here for the story at the original link.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ex-Smoker: How I Quit with Hypnosis

Here's an interview I did with a client of mine who successfully quit smoking with the help of my Quit Smoking hypnosis CD. Listen in as he details how he went cold turkey during the first 24 hours, only to find himself so agitated that he thought about doing some pretty nasty things. Then he started using the CD, and has been smoke-free... and much calmer... ever since.

Monday, January 5, 2009

How to Think Like a Non-Smoker

Here's the first little snippet from my World Hypnotism Day Stop Smoking Seminar. I'll be posting many more of these in the days & weeks to come, so check back soon for updates.

In this one, I talk about a friend who quit smoking cold turkey... and get a few chuckles when sharing an amusing example of smoker's logic.


WHD Stop Smoking Event a Big Success

Just a quick mention of the free Stop Smoking event that took place on World Hypnotism Day - Sunday, January 4th. We had a great turnout and a lot of very happy ex-smokers left feeling much better about the future.

I'll have a full report very soon - including some youtube videos from the event that you'll be able to watch right here on this blog.

Have a great week and a healthy start in 2009-


Sunday, January 4, 2009

FREE Stop Smoking Event - How To Sign Up!

There are THREE WAYS to Sign Up for this Event:
  1. Phone: (678) 488-7362 (leave name, phone number & mention the FREE event)
  2. Email: purehypnosis@mac.com
  3. Meetup.com (click this link for the sign-up page)
Here are the full details:

Who: 88 Future Non-Smokers
What: Stop Smoking Group Hypnosis Seminar
Where: Doubletree Hotel on Windy Hill Rd (Cabernet Room)
When: January 4th, 2009 @ 4:00pm
Why: World Hypnotism Day
Cost: FREE
Parking: FREE

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... so register NOW to secure your spot!

Any questions? Email purehypnosis@mac.com and I'll respond personally within 24 hours.

See you there!

-Sean Wheeler

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! FREE Event Just 3 Days Away!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2009! Time to start looking forward to a full year of breathing clean, fresh, healthy air and saving about $2000 that used to be spent on cigarettes.

I'm spending the New Year up in the Windy City - Chicago, and when we stopped by a sandwich shop yesterday I noticed the cost of cigarettes was $8.49/pack. Wow! Based on a very modest cost of $5.00/pack, if you're an average smoker, you'll save between $1500-$2000 in 2009 if you successfully quit the habit.

Only three days remain until World Hypnotism Day - and my FREE stop smoking hypnosis event at the Doubletree Hotel on Windy Hill Road in Atlanta.

If you haven't signed up yet, do it now... and be sure to check out the tips for success before you head out to the event.

Follow these instructions, and you will put yourself in the driver's seat... giving you the absolute best chance you've ever had in your life to become a non-smoker for good.

No withdrawal. No cravings. No weight gain. No problem.

See you there!