Saturday, November 8, 2008

Give it a Shot?

Today I had a booth at a trade show, proudly displaying my hypnosis cd's, as well as sharing information about my private sessions to all who had an interest.

While I was there, my display caught the attention of an older man with a big round belly. He quickly struck up a conversation with me, telling me that, using "the shot," he quit smoking a year ago after smoking a pack a day for more than 48 years... and he hasn't touched one since.

While he was certainly happy at his success and the benefits it has brought, he did mention a strange side-effect... that he immediately began noticing shortness of breath within a week of quitting. That shortness of breath remains, and he's looking for help with that issue. Also, he quickly put on about 30 pounds... by his own account within just a couple months.

He said that he was completely exhausted for about three weeks following the shot (actually three shots: one behind each ear, and one in the arm), and couldn't really do much of anything.

I encourage every smoker who'd like to quit to seek out all the information available before making a choice as to what method is the best fit. I always come back to hypnosis because it's one of the only available methods that is not only effective when administered properly, but is also devoid of any negative side-effects.

Apparently, the shot has been effective for quite a few people. Of course, there will always be those who experience no benefits... just as is the case with hypnosis.

The key is always that you, the wannabe non-smoker, bring all your desire and will to the table. Do that, and one method or another will eventually help you reach your goal.

I happen to practice hypnotherapy, and having seen the success my clients have enjoyed, I am understandably biased. For me, you just can't beat a method that is non-invasive, involves no needles, injections, drugs, nicotine-replacement or side-effects, is extremely relaxing and allows you to enjoy feeling a sense of pride at having taken responsibility for your own situation and all the ensuing success.

Oh, and you just might lose a few pounds... rather than packing them on.

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