Saturday, November 1, 2008

What happens when I have a few drinks?

This is a very common question that comes up with more than 50% of my clients seeking to quit smoking. Smoking and drinking have gone hand-in-hand for so long, and having a few drinks tends to loosen the inhibitions so much, that they find it hard to believe they can have a few drinks without lighting up.

The very first client I helped to quit smoking, more than five years ago, had that very same concern. He was successful immediately following his first session, and when he came back for his follow-up a week later, he said he was doing great. However, he was worried because some old college friends were coming to town for the weekend and they were going to be out drinking. Some of them were smokers, so he wondered, in spite of how great he was doing, what would happen once the drinks were flowing and the smoke was in the air.

We incorporated that possibility and prepared him for it during the session. He emailed the next week that all went well, and a while after that he sent me this message:


I want to thank you so much for helping me quit smoking. I smoked cigarettes for 14 years, and was beginning to believe that I would never be able to quit. I had tried everything from quitting cold turkey, to the patch, to gum, to nicotine lozenges... EVERYTHING! To make it even more difficult, I was an "all-day smoker," averaging a pack or more a day. So, I associated smoking with all facets of my life.

As much of a skeptic as I can be, I was very reluctant to try hypnosis. However, having now gone through your program, I am reaching my 4-month anniversary without so much as a single puff. I have no desire to start the habit again, and in fact, have recommended you to many of my friends so they can quit, too.

Thanks again, Sean, for helping me breathe freely again!

Here's to a healthy future!!


Atlanta, GA


I've stayed in touch with him through the years, and I'm proud to say that he still hasn't had a puff in what has now been more than 5 and a half years.

When you quit smoking with my program, I don't just tell you to close your eyes and suggest that cigarettes will taste bad, I have to get to know you first. Once I understand the nature of your habit and your most important concerns, we incorporate them into the work we do.

Because of that, the message is personal, meaningful and motivating for you as an individual. You are like no one else, and because of that, you have your own reasons and motivations for making this choice.

When you're finished with this program, you're prepared for anything and everything... even a few drinks.

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