Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quit Smoking, Save a Grand?

Keep in mind that the numbers in the story below are conservative... meaning that they are based on an average for all smokers in a given state. For example, they point out that in Delaware, where residents smoke more than in any other state, the average smoker spends nearly $1000/year on cigarettes.

That number is based on an average of 185 packs in a year. Therefore, if you smoke one pack per day, you're spending roughly twice that amount per year (for those of you without calculators, that's about $2000/year).

For more info on the true cost of smoking, see the results of this study by Duke University that put the cost closer to $40/pack. I commented on this story myself just a short while ago as well.

Here's the story from

What You'll Save By Quitting Smoking
Francesca Levy, 11.12.08, 04:00 PM EST
A state-by-state look at the dollars kept by kicking the habit.

Most smokers already know that they can help preserve their health, hygiene and personal relationships by kicking the habit, and that holds true across the country. But in strictly financial terms, smokers in Delaware stand to save the most cash by quitting.

That's because in Delaware, where a pack of cigarettes costs about $5.39, residents smoke more than in any other state--just over 185 packs per year. That comes out to $998.23 spent individually on smoking every year.

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