Sunday, December 28, 2008

FREE Stop Smoking Event is One Week Away!

Just a reminder that the big Stop Smoking hypnosis event - and the 5th Annual World Hypnotism Day - is only a week away.

Now's the time to start counting down... planning things out so you're ready to become a non-smoker. This means that by the time next Sunday arrives, you'll have eliminated all cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters and other smoking items from your home, vehicle and workspace. This will make it easier to forget about the habit after you leave the event.

Plan to feel really good about yourself. Plan to start feeling more relaxed and stress-free. Plan to begin breathing easier. Plan to have more energy. Plan to take 20 minutes a day to listen to a hypnosis CD (which you can pick up at the event on Sunday) for the first 21 days.

But most of all, plan to quit smoking in the most enjoyable way possible... to be focused on what you want rather than what you're giving up... to forget to remember to smoke... and enjoy the benefits of being free from the habit forever.

Pass this on to your friends and let's get a packed house for this big event.

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